505 Games Acquires Ghostrunner IP from All in! Games, New Roadmap Details Upcoming Content

At the end of March, 505 Games bought the Ghostrunner IP from fellow publisher All in! Games for €5 million. Now the dust has settled on the deal, the new owner has released a roadmap of all of the upcoming free and premium content to arrive throughout the rest of the year.

Ghostrunner has been incredibly successful, selling 500,000 copies just four months after its release in October last year. All in! Games believes that number will rise to 1.5 million copies by the end of 2021. The game’s production costs of €2.5 million were also recouped in a single day. This success led to 505 Games making a “hard to refuse” offer for the IP, and they now have exclusive rights to the IP and “all licenses for the technological solutions used in the game”. All in! Games will keep some profits as detailed in their initial publishing agreement. 505 Games’ co-founders Rami and Raffi Galante said:

Ghostrunner is one of the most impressive indie games we’ve seen, boasting AAA tech and a unique futuristic cyberpunk-inspired world that’s both intriguing and terrifying. Ghostrunner is a welcome addition to the 505 Games library of owned IP.

The game’s new content will begin to arrive in the spring with two new modes, including a Photo Mode. Kill Run is a new “challenging” game mode where players have to complete levels in a limited amount of time. There will also be a premium Vanity Pack ending this season of content. The rest of the list is a bit more vague, but includes two new bundles, a new game mode, and another premium Vanity Pack for the summer. The list concludes in the fall with a final Vanity Pack and the Ultimate DLC. There will also be the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S console upgrade, which will be free to all players who own the game on PS4 or Xbox One.

Ghostrunner DLC

Ghostrunner is available now on PS4. Those who haven’t yet tried the game can do so through the game’s demo that is also available now.

[Source: All in! Games, 505 Games]