Roguelike Action Title Curse of the Dead Gods Confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One

Passtech Games‘ roguelike action title Curse of the Dead Gods entered Steam Early Access today. Whenever the roguelike’s full PC launch goes live, Passtech Games will also release console versions for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. At the time of writing, a solid launch date is not yet known.

Check out Curse of the Dead Gods‘ console announcement trailer in the video down below:

Focus Home Interactive will publish the roguelike action title, having previously worked with Passtech Games on Masters of AnimaCurse of the Dead Gods will provide a different kind of experience, though, one wherein players enter a cursed temple in search of wealth, immortality, and divine powers. The temple, an endless labyrinth, will be filled to the brim with monstrous creatures and other horrid obstacles.

Spurred on by greed, death awaits around every corner. Yet, death is not a permanent path out of the accursed temple. As with all roguelikes, Curse of the Dead Gods will see players continuously rise from the dead, encouraged to continue fighting and exploring.

A host of challenges will lie in what for those who choose to proceed forward, including hordes of enemies and deities of a malignant variety. In venturing through the temple’s cavernous labyrinth, players are also bound to stumble upon a slew of deadly traps, ranging from fire-spewing statues and hidden spikes to explosive and much worse.

Passtech Games announced Curse of the Dead Gods late last year. It’s currently available via Steam Early Access for $14.99.

[Source: Focus Home Interactive via Gematsu]