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Pathologic 2’s Plague Horror Spreads to PlayStation 4 Later This Week

Developer Ice-Pick Lodge will soon bring another of its horror experiences to the PlayStation 4. On Friday, March 6th the plague horror of Pathologic 2 will spread to the console. It’s not a true sequel to 2005’s Pathologic, however; the tinyBuild Games-published Pathologic 2 instead serves as a reimagining. By all accounts, this seems one open-world horror title well worth trying out, especially given the challenge it provides.

Get a glimpse at what to expect from Pathologic 2 in last year’s release date trailer for the PC and Xbox One launch:

Originally launched on the PC via Steam and Xbox One in 2019, Pathologic 2 tasks players with fighting and surviving a deadly plague in a rural town. Since the outbreak began, numerous lives have been lost, including that of the local healer. As a consequence, the player-character must adopt the healer’s role, working alongside even the unlikeliest of allies to save lives and potentially preserve what remains. Secrets kept by local children only exacerbates the terror. To uncover what they may know, there’s no choice but to play by their rules.

Unfortunately, there are only 12 days to set things straight. Thus, time is of special importance. Time only represents one aspect of Pathologic 2’s management features, as players also need to take care of their bodies. Managing bodily functions, hunger, thirst, and exhaustion will especially make survival difficult. The same goes for resource gathering, which players can accomplish via looting, bartering, begging, or killing. Engaging in neither of these tasks is an option, too. Either way, fighting a plague demands supplies, allies, and tough decision-making.

[Source: Eurogamer]