How to Get the Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Secret Ending

The Final Fantasy VII Remake demo finally launched this week and quickly shot to the top of the PS4 charts as one of the most reviewed applications. While most of the demo may seem like a straightforward recreation of the original game’s bombing mission on the Sector 1 Reactor, there’s actually a Final Fantasy VII Remake demo secret ending that players can get by selecting one of two options. The reward is a short scene added to the end of the demo that you won’t see otherwise.

How to Get the Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Secret Ending

The Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is the opening of the game as Avalanche attempts a grassroots resistance effort to destroy the life-sucking Mako Reactor in Midgar’s Sector 1. When players reach the reactor itself, they are given the option to select a timer for either 20 minutes or 30 minutes. Don’t worry, the timer doesn’t start until after the boss encounter against the Guard Scorpion, so the lengthy battle doesn’t eat into your time to escape.

To get the secret ending, pick 20 minutes. Barret will say “Pretty cocky, ain’t you” and you will be treated to the demo’s extra scene.

If you pick 30 minutes, Barret’s dialog is slightly different (“Hah! That long enough for you?”) and you won’t get to see the secret ending scene after the demo concludes.

Even at a meandering pace, the escape portion goes pretty quickly. 20 minutes should be more than enough time (and again, it doesn’t include the boss encounter itself, so you can take your time with it).

What is the Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Secret Ending?

Here’s where we get into spoilers, but if you don’t want to run the demo again (why wouldn’t you?) you’ve come to the right place to see what you missed.

Final spoiler warning!

The secret ending is about 15 extra seconds added to the end of the demo’s quick-cut cutscene/trailer that shows Sephiroth, the game’s silver-haired, ridiculously-long-sword-wielding antagonist. The shot first shows Cloud looking at something shocked. It zooms into his eye and then cuts to what Cloud is seeing in his head: Sephiroth standing in flames with his back to the viewer (you know, the classic image of the character as he burns Nibelheim). He then turns around so that we get a side profile of his face before the screen cuts to black.

You can watch the full Final Fantasy VII Remake demo ending below. The secret scene starts at about 50 seconds.

The demo is the same one that leaked late last year, including the reduced opening cutscene that mimics just the opening of the classic game. Square Enix recently released the full opening cutscene, which shows added scenes that paint Midgar in better context than the brief scene shown at the beginning of this demo.

Final Fantasy VII Remake releases on April 10, 2020. Leading up to its release, you can get in-game accessories and a dynamic PS4 theme featuring Tifa by participating in the Final Fantasy VII Remake Butterfinger promotion. Also, make sure you download the demo to get a free theme when Final Fantasy VII Remake launches.

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