Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC

Get Final Fantasy VII Remake DLC and Theme by Buying Butterfinger Candy Bars

Update: Registration is now open for the promotion. Simply enter your details on the promotional website, upload your receipt with qualifying products, and as soon as it’s approved, you’ll receive an email with a code for a free dynamic PS4 theme featuring Tifa. At launch, players will receive codes for up to five accessories in Final Fantasy VII Remake, one per every two qualifying products purchased. (Editor’s Note: Looks like I’m going to be buying 10 Butterfingers today.)

Take a look at the PS4 theme below.

Original: Butterfinger has partnered with Square Enix to bring fans DLC for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake. To do so, you must purchase Butterfinger, Crunch, or Baby Ruth candy bars, and submit an image of the receipt to Butterfinger to get a digital code in return.  This offer will begin at 12pm ET on March 3rd, will run until May 14, 2020, and is valid in North America only.

You’ll need to buy two participating products in the same transaction to qualify. Only one submission is permitted per day and each DLC item is limited to one per person. It’s unclear if the contents of these downloadable items will be available outside of this offer.

Here’s the list of rewards:

  • Midgar Bangle
  • Shinra Bangle
  • Corneo’s Armlet
  • Superstar Belt
  • Mako Crystal

The rewards are available at 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 cumulative purchases respectively. Each is an accessory that can be equipped to characters in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It’s unknown what their exact in-game effects will be. The main Butterfinger site hints at a Tifa Lockhart Dynamic PS4 theme that will be available on March 3 when the promo goes live, but there aren’t any details on how to get it just yet.

Final Fantasy VII Remake butterfinger DLC

Final Fantasy VII Remake is due out for PS4 on April 10, 2020. It’s a timed exclusive that will then be brought to other platforms after a year. The original Final Fantasy VII released for PlayStation in 1997. The idea of a remake had been tossed around as early as 2000, but nothing ever materialized until now. The PS4 version had its fair share of developmental hurdles to overcome and even suffered a recent delay, but the wait is almost over and will now be made that much sweeter thanks to Butterfinger.

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