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Rumor: Something Called Star Wars Project Maverick Appears on PSN’s European Database

A reported new entry on PlayStation Network’s European database may be hinting at something Star Wars-related. The entry in question concerns Star Wars Project Maverick, a title that as of yet remains foreign to the public. Apart from a striking piece of key art, nothing else about Project Maverick appears on the database.

The news comes courtesy of the PSN releases Twitter page (via Wccftech), a recently created bot account from Software Engineer Luciano Ciccariello that tracks PSN updates. Check out PSN releases’s post below:

A quick Google search cross referencing the word “Maverick” with Star Wars pulls up a couple of interesting results. One in particular concerns trailer mashups for The Force Awakens and the Tom Cruise-starring Top Gun: Maverick film. Obviously, this is unrelated to the topic at hand. However, another Maverick and Star Wars connection links back to The Maverick Moon, a children’s storybook from 1979 whose writer, Eleanor Ehrhardt, reportedly went uncredited within the text itself.

Random House published the storybook, which is set during an undisclosed period of time after the events of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. Its plot centers on Luke Skywalker’s enrollment in the New Academy for Space Pilots, where he trains to become a pilot for transport ships that are headed to uninhabited planets for colonization purposes. In some respects, this aligns with Wccftech’s theory that Project Maverick may be a flight simulator of some sort.

As always, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up. For now, this is merely rumor and speculation based on reported PSN database entries. It is worth noting, however, that similar PSN listings via Gamstat correctly leaked Resident Evil 3 remake one week ahead of Capcom’s official announcement.

[Source: PSN releases on Twitter via Wccftech]