resident evil 3 remake cover art

Cover Art for Resident Evil 3 Remake Lands on PlayStation Network Listings

Rumors about Capcom’s intention to remake Resident Evil 3: Nemesis have circulated online for the better part of this year. At this point, it seems anticipation is building for when it will happen, instead of whether or not it will happen at all. Thanks to new details, Resident Evil 3’s return may be considered all but outright confirmed. Cover art for an RE3 remake has appeared in some capacity on PlayStation Network. And it could not possibly look more legitimate.

Twitter user Nibel spotted the Gamstat page designated to “Latest PSN additions.” Listings for both Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil 3 Z Version appear alongside the recently unveiled Project Resistance. Since the data in question comes from PSN Japan, all three are recorded beneath the Biohazard name, alongside box art.

A screenshot of the three game listings are featured below:

resident evil 3 remake cover art

The aforementioned Tweet from Nibel includes images of the Biohazard logo on the cover art, as well as a logo for Resident Evil. Check them out in the following post:

A recent Resident Evil 3 remake rumor hit the web only a couple of weeks ago, complete with claims about a potential 2020 release date. Capcom, of course, has yet to corroborate the speculation. However, this latest development certainly adds fuel to the fire.

Considering the success of Resident Evil 2‘s remake, RE3’s receiving similar treatment seems a given. At last count, sales for the RE2 remake were closing in on that of the sequel’s original 1998 release. The hype surrounding mere rumors about RE3 suggests history could potentially repeat itself, if indeed Capcom is developing such a project. Who knows, perhaps an official confirmation is only days away? The Game Awards go live on December 12th, after all.

[Source: Gamstat/PSN via Nibel on Twitter]