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Take-Two CEO Is Skeptical About Remote Working but Says Coronavirus Situation Will Change Things

The ongoing spread of Coronavirus has had a ripple effect around the world and the global games industry certainly isn’t immune to it. As more and more companies avoid large-scale public gatherings and events, others have enacted work-from-home policies to allow their employees to work remotely until the situation is under control.

Although a welcome move, many are now questioning why it took Coronavirus for companies to allow employees to work remotely even though it has been possible to do. Some employees have noted that being allowed to work from home has made them a lot more flexible and productive.

Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick admitted that he’s one of those who is skeptical about remote working but added that he feels the current situation is likely to change that thinking across the industry.

They’re going to have to find a way to be just as productive at home. Actually, I think one of the things that may come out of this if it’s as widespread as I believe it will be, one unexpected consequence is a lot of us who were skeptical about remote work are going to be less skeptical about it. I’m one of them, by the way. I’m not a big believer in remote work. But I think I may be surprised. I think you are going to see a significant change, maybe a long-lasting change, in business travel.

Is [remote work] as effective as being face-to-face? I actually don’t think so. But also, every one of you lost productivity getting here and returning from here, and the time that is less productive here. I’m not sure. We may be very surprised coming out of this.

Bungie, Microsoft, and Nintendo are among the companies that have announced that their employees can now work from home.

[Source: Games Industry]