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Dead by Daylight’s Chains of Hate DLC Debuts The Deathslinger and His Horrific Speargun

Dead by Daylight’s Wild West update introduces a new batch of DLC titled Chains of Hate. This latest bit of content brings in a new killer known as The Deathslinger, who literally reels in his victims with a speargun. Chains of Hate also adds a new survivor and map to the ongoing multiplayer experience. It is currently available to purchase on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One for the price of $7.99.

In the video below, get an in-depth look at what awaits survivors in Dead by Daylight’s latest DLC release:

Prior to becoming a killer, The Deathslinger worked as an engineer who’s brilliant inventions were stolen by his employer. Unable to contain his rage, he went on a violent rampage that ultimately landed in him prison. A deal with the prison warden changed The Deathslinger’s life, however. In exchange for The Deathslinger’s fulfilling bounties, the warden promised to help bring the former engineer’s employer to justice. Now, the killer wreaks havoc on all who enter the Dead Dawg Saloon.

A settlement, the Dead Dawg Saloon serves as Dead by Daylight’s newest map. In addition to patrolling the map with his deadly speargun, The Deathslinger makes use of three different perks. Gearhead alerts him to newly activated generators, should he have previously harmed his prey, for instance.

Chains of Hate gives players access to another survivor, a filmmaker named Zarina Kassir. Zarina incidentally stumbles across the Dead Dawg Saloon while investigating a massacre at a prison. Her research takes her down a winding path of death and destruction. Unfortunately, it’s not long before she finds herself in the crosshairs of The Deathslinger and his uniquely modified weapon.

Developer Behaviour Interactive has a big year ahead if all goes as planned. Throughout 2020, the team plans to take part in several industry shows and community events (though it’s unclear how coronavirus will affect that). During these events, Behaviour Interactive will share details about future projects, as well as announce “new IPs.”

[Source: Behaviour Interactive]