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Nioh 2 Documentary Dives Into the Final Months of Development, Giving Insight Into Design Choices

In conjunction with Japanese media outlet Game*Spark, YouTube channel Archipel has launched the Inside Nioh 2 documentary. The documentary spans just over one hour in length, covering the Team Ninja sequel’s final months of development. While Inside Nioh 2 is in Japanese, there are English subtitles available.

After a brief intro section, the Nioh 2 documentary begins with Director and Producer Fumihiko Yasuda outlining the key differences between the franchise’s first and second entries. Yasuda also shares insight behind some of the sequel’s design choices. For instance, Nioh 2’s gameplay variations were inspired by aspects of gameplay that were lacking in the 2017 original.

Fumihiko Yasuda is prominent throughout Inside Nioh 2, though a few other key development team members feature as well. Art Director Hirohisa Kaneko and Sound Director Yojiro Yoshimatsu are among them, as is SIE Producer producer Masaaki Yamagiwa.

Watch the complete Inside Nioh 2 documentary from Archipel and Game*Spark in the video below:

Nioh 2 differs from its predecessor in many respects. Most notably, players don’t adopt the role of a preset character like the first Nioh’s William. Instead, the sequel’s incredibly vast customization system allows players to create their own hero this time around. The focus on Yokai powers serves as another key difference, which seems to vary the gameplay mechanics quite a bit.

Nioh 2 is available digitally and at retail worldwide for the PlayStation 4. In the months ahead, Team Ninja will release three DLC packs for the sequel. Each will include prequel story content, new characters, combat abilities, and weapons. All three packs feature in a $20 Season Pass; however, release date details are not yet public. Anyone who owns the Special Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition will receive the Season Pass with each edition’s other contents.

[Source via Gematsu]

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