Sea of Stars is a Turn-Based RPG Set in The Messenger’s Universe

As previously promised, Sabotage Studio, the team behind The Messenger, has unveiled its next project just in time for the spring equinox. Sea of Stars is a turn-based RPG “inspired by the classics;” it takes the shape of a prequel tale set in the same universe as The Messenger. With a Kickstarter campaign, Sabotage Studio aims to raise $90,760 USD to bring its turn-based adventure to consoles and PC via Steam in March 2022. (At the time of writing, the amount pledged has already surpassed the funding goal’s halfway mark.)

The studio shared news of its Kickstarter in the following Twitter post, which also features a trailer of the retro-inspired prequel tale:

As a prequel story set in The Messenger universe, Sea of Stars follows two Children of the Solstice. The duo will merge the powers of the sun and moon, all in an effort to perform Eclipse Magic. The force resulting from this kind of magic is the only one in existence that can truly fend off the evil alchemist The Fleshmancer’s horrid creations.

The studio promises to imbue each system in Sea of Stars with “the Sabotage touch.” In doing so, the hope is to produce a project that modernizes classic RPGs with regards to turn-based mechanics, exploration, and storytelling. All of this should be on display in the turn-based combat, which will feature “active player input during attack animations (timed hits), multi-character combo attacks, boosting, and strategic defense options.”

“Unshackled traversal” is to play an equally integral part in the experience. As such, players will be able to climb, swim, vault, and jump off or hoist up ledges. Interestingly, the world’s navigation system doesn’t function in the same manner as the classics that inspire Sea of Stars. Instead of tile-based movements, Sabotage is crafting a system of navigation that relies upon its platformer expertise.

[Source: Sabotage Studio on Twitter, Kickstarter]