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GDC Announces Summer 2020 Event for Early August

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, GDC organizer Informa Tech had no choice but to cancel the annual event, which would’ve otherwise taken place this week. Still, there was always the promise that the postponed physical gathering would be rescheduled for sometime this summer. Now Informa Tech has a schedule set in place, recently announcing GDC Summer 2020 will run from August 4th to August 6th.

GDC Summer will serve as a “three-day celebration of the art, craft, and business of video game development.” While attendees should anticipate a unique GDC experience, Informa Tech aims to preserve “the same high level of expert-led talks as the traditional GDC.” In addition, August 5th and August 6th will see the event play host to a “freestyle two-day expo show floor.” These festivities will be held in San Francisco, California at the Moscone Center.

A host of “high-quality technical content” will stand front and center, along with roundtable discussions. Moreover, microtalks and fireside chats will be added to the mix, in addition to a space for “comprehensive career development sessions.” Meetings of this nature are slated to cover myriad topics, such as how to pitch your game, communication strategies, business development practices, and how to secure an investor/publisher.

GDC Summer 2020 will also introduce a brand-new “community partnership program,” allowing organizations to apply for onsite space to host separate meetings and gatherings. Those who qualify, for instance, include non-profit board meetings, Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings, hosted “office hours” by professionals, portfolio review rooms, and so on. With this program, GDC can cater to parts of the industry that are typically underserved due to restrictions on convention space.

While GDC’s forthcoming summer event marks the development community’s first big gathering since the outbreak, Informa Tech promises to keep safety first. As such, organizers are closely monitoring updates from health officials in an effort to ensure these new plans foster “a safe and compelling event.”

[Source: Informa Tech]