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Sony Pulls Mario Content From Dreams Following Nintendo’s Complaint

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe has pulled a Mario creation in Media Molecule’s Dreams at Nintendo‘s request. That’s according to the creator of said content, who shared the image above on Twitter and told their followers that they received a notice from Sony regarding the copyrighted material. The Mario model, which was available for all Dreams players to use in their creations, has been marked as “removed.”

First spotted by GoNintendo, creator Piece of Craft wrote:

Good news and bad news. We flew too close to the sun, boys! A big video game company who I will keep nameless obviously didn’t read my ‘be cool’ note in Dreams. No worries, though, have a back up plan. But for now, Mario projects in Dreams are on hold until I put said plan into effect.

In a follow-up tweet, Piece of Craft said that they’re not sure what will happen to creations that used their Mario model, and that they’ve been locked out of editing the content.

I can remix it, but the original I can no longer edit and others will not find or be able to use. Not too sure what will happen to levels that used the Mario. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. It’s kinda like a slap on the wrist.

According to IGN, Nintendo is well within its legal rights to have the content removed but Dreams‘ Terms of Service agreement covers Sony when it comes to such issues.

We saw this coming. Did you?

[Source: Piece of Craft via GoNintendo, IGN]

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