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Inhabit the Shells of Lost Warriors When Soulslike Mortal Shell Lands Later This Year

Developer Cold Symmetry is comprised of a small, 15-person team. In the past, the developers have helped create some of the market’s biggest AAA adventures. As a group, they have recently unveiled their first title, a soulslike action-RPG named Mortal Shell. Alongside a debut trailer, the studio announced the game will hit the PlayStation 4, PC via Steam, and Xbox One platforms sometime in Q3 of 2020.

Check out Mortal Shell’s announcement trailer in the following video:

Playstack, the publisher behind Dick Wilde, is publishing Cold Symmetry’s debut, which serves as an “uncompromising, authentic, and hauntingly beautiful” action title. Those who venture through its stunningly realized world should find that Mortal Shell borrows heavily from the “ruthless traditions of the soulslike genre.”

In Mortal Shell, players will awaken in an empty vessel. The world lies in ruin, its last remaining vestiges overtaken by rot, humanity included. An enigmatic entity known as the Dark Father will urge the player to do his bidding, namely navigating the ruinous lands in search of “hidden sanctums of devout followers.” Many challenges await those who dare do so, chiefly the myriad types of formidable adversaries that wander about, all loyal to gods.

But the journey won’t be a lonely one. “The remnant anima of lost warriors” are scattered across the landscape. Players can occupy each to learn its unique set of skills and weapons expertise.

Mortal Shell features a non-linear campaign, allowing players to make their own path through lowlands, across “cathedrals of obsidian rock,” and more. The connection to mortal shells will make the journey manageable, thanks to abilities, upgrades, and a host of arcane skills that ensure the player slowly becomes more devastating in combat.

While it’s clear the Dark Father is desperate to see the tasks finished, his motives remain mysteriously unclear.

[Source: Playstack via Gematsu]