Rumor: RE8 to Launch in Early 2021 as Resident Evil 8: Village

Another batch of Resident Evil 8 rumors is making waves online. They seem to piggyback off of previous rumors, even a few of which were deemed doubtful. Allegedly, Capcom is targeting a Q1 2021 release date for the next RE entry, Resident Evil 8: Village. If true, fans should expect a redesigned Chris Redfield to assume a central role.

This latest bit of speculation comes by way of The publication’s report stems from an email it’s received from someone who leaked information in the past. For one, the title will reportedly adopt a formatting style that takes advantage of both roman numerals (VIII for 8) and the “Village” subtitle–Resident Evil VILLAGE. According to, this aligns with previous sources speaking on a “clever title.”

With regards to the redesigned Chris, the latest leak suggests he’ll play a major part in the franchise’s next sequel. He will specifically appear in flashbacks involving RE7’s Ethan, Mia, and their newborn child. The report does not paint Chris in a positive light, however. Supposedly, one flashback will see him breaking into the couple’s home for some unknown reason.

In line with previous leaks about supernatural creatures, RE8 will allegedly feature a witch–a haunting figure with a distinct laugh. Her behavior will mimic that of RE7’s Marguerite, who often used insects. The witch’s reliance on insects will especially come into play when the player defeats her and she dematerializes into bug-like forms.

The new rumor reiterates those in recent months about RE8’s European setting. Whatever this location is will trigger the flashbacks, upon Ethan’s running into Chris.’s source also claims the first-person perspective is making a return. Further gameplay details suggest inventory management will take centerstage, too. Most notably, Capcom is testing the User Interface from both RE7 and RE4 to see which fits best for the next installment. Finally, the leak hints at the implementation of hallucinations, which are bound to make the player question reality and ponder who can and cannot be trusted.

As always, such claims are merely that–claims. Fans, then, should consider these unsubstantiated rumors with a grain of salt, regardless of how plausible they may seem.

[Source: via Nibel on Twitter]