The Long-Rumored Sony Silent Hill Game Will Reportedly Be Revealed This Year

Despite a Konami representative debunking “all the rumors and reports” pertaining to Silent Hill, they show no sign of dying down. Known insiders who have a history of accurate leaks insist that Sony has been involved in a Silent Hill project for a while now and that the game is expected to be revealed this year barring unforeseen circumstances (Coronavirus is having quite an impact on the industry).

Shortly after horror manga artist Suehiro Maruo appeared to tease something related to Silent Hill, an insider took to ResetEra to claim that Team Silent’s Akira Yamaoka, Keiichiro Toyama, and Masahiro Ito are all involved in the long-rumored reboot. They also claimed that the project is a PlayStation 5-exclusive. Interestingly, ResetEra staff somehow “verified” the insider’s information.

Known insider Dusk Golem backed up the claims, and both insiders noted that the plan is to reveal the game this year.

“In terms of cost, Sony and Konami are both fitting the bill of development, Sony is making it, Konami gets a share of each copy sold and just partially have to fund development,” added Dusk Golem. “I do hear the plan is the game will be revealed this year, (and at this point it’s nearing being in development for about a year and a half almost), but it’s hard to speak concretely about these things.”

Considering the ongoing rumors and recent teases by former Team Silent members, it looks like Sony and Konami are up to something but are understandably refraining from commenting.

We’ll update our readers when we have more information.

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