Destiny 2 titan patrol zone

Is Bungie About to Obliterate Destiny 2’s Titan Patrol Zone?

This week, it became clear that there’s an impending doom in Destiny 2, one that’s approaching much more rapidly than we previously thought. But the implications of the approaching Darkness could be even more massive than anyone could have realized, if theories by some Destiny lore analysts are anything to go by. First up as a playable space in the line of fire is Titan, a moon of Saturn, but this location could become much more than just a hot zone. Bungie might be getting ready to completely destroy this moon entirely, potentially even removing the patrol zone from the map.

The theory comes from AnonPig on Twitter. He reminds us of the conversation between Zavala and Rasputin last week when the Io bunker opened, and how it included audio recordings from the first Collapse. Notably, these recording came from Titan, which was absolutely devastated in the original Collapse. The gravitational pull on the unique liquid methane moon distorted the entire shape of the heavenly object and created in effect a “god wave” that ensured no life remained.

Why is the effect of the first Collapse significant now? Well, Bungie has always been great at setting up story beats within the lore. Why play that audio if it wasn’t going to be important later on? The math indicates that the approaching Pyramid ships will reach Titan right around the time the next season starts, and if we’re headed for a second Collapse, we could see a repeat of the first, meaning Titan would essentially be wiped out, uninhabitable, and unable to be patrolled by Guardians anymore.

Looking at from a different angle than story, Bungie has expressed concerns about the growing size of the game and the need to remove some things to make room for new things (which is why these past few seasons have all had temporary events and activities that ultimately went away. If Bungie is clearing room for another patrol area to be added with this fall’s expansion (many are expecting Europa to become a frontline for fighting the war against the Darkness). Titan would make the most sense.

For one, it’s the furthest out, so it works from a story perspective. It’s also one of the smallest locations and one that is currently the least woven into the overall ongoing story of Destiny 2. While its removal would present some issues for New Light players (that I can’t currently conceive how they will resolve), it would also be the patrol location that would probably be missed the least in the grand scheme of things, but would still have massive implications on Bungie evolving the worldstate as the story progresses.

The other possibility is that this event doesn’t entirely remove the Titan patrol space, but allows Bungie to radically reinvent it. Regardless, it’s clear that something big is about to happen on Titan in June, likely an event that will catapult the story and the state of the game forward into the next major changes that are expected to come with the fall expansion this year.

Whatever happens, Destiny 2 is going to be a game to pay attention to in the coming months, especially if you’ve recently lost interest. This season may have left many underwhelmed, but there’s still plenty of mystery in the next few months as doom marches forward.