Beat The First Dungeon in Persona 5 Royal And Get A Reward From Sony, Four Free Persona 5 PS4 Themes

Do you like getting free things for doing the bare minimum in your angst-ridden JRPGs? If so then it appears your day has arrived, as anyone who beats the first dungeon in the newly released Persona 5 Royal is getting a small, but neat reward for their efforts from Sony. The incentive-based giveaway was posted by a user called Liquid_Genome on the PS4 subreddit noting that they received an email directly from Sony with congratulations on finishing the first Palace of Persona 5 Royal, Kamoshida’s Castle. Included in the email along with some fun, in-character flavor text was a voucher code that gives out avatar and character themes for Joker, Ryuji, Ann, and Morgana.

persona 5 royal reward

This isn’t the first time that Sony has given out rewards based on performance. The most recent and best example is the special gift from Sony that went out to anyone who achieved the Platinum Trophy in 2018’s God of War. Admittedly, the bar here for this collection of Persona 5 Royal rewards is far lower than something as gargantuan as getting the Platinum in a game that doesn’t pull its punches in regards to difficulty. Reaching the end of Kamoshida’s Castle isn’t the toughest of endeavors, especially considering that players can clear it within the first two in-game days it is available with some hustle.

Other users in the forum post note that they have also beaten the first Palace but have yet to receive any kind of email, so there may be a delay or even a varying of mileage in regards to how many people this email may even go out to. Even so, it’s hard to turn down some free Persona 5 Royal swag, even if it is just themes and avatars. Sometimes you just got to take what you’re given.

Persona 5 Royal is out now and available on the PlayStation 4.