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Rumor: Days Gone Could be Coming to PC, According to Amazon France (Update)

Update: Sony confirms the listing is not accurate, and nothing has been announced.

Original: The next big PlayStation exclusive to get a PC release could be the post-apocalyptic motorcycle adventure Days Gone. A Days Gone PC listing appeared on Amazon France, though the page is devoid of many details. There are no images, no release date, and no description. The title of the listing reads “Days Gone Edition,” sold by PlayStation, with the platform listed as “Windows.”

Sony has expressed some interest in bringing its exclusives to a wider audience on PC. Currently, Horizon Zero Dawn is the only first-party exclusive announced for PC, though other PlayStation exclusives from second-party partnerships have made the leap, including Quantic Dream’s catalog of games and soon Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding. Despite this, Sony still remains committed to dedicated hardware and won’t be making day-and-date PC releases of all major PlayStation exclusives.

If the rumor proves to be true, it could give Days Gone the second chance it deserves. Our own review highly praised the massive open-world game, set in a post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest. While many who have played it enjoyed the game, it’s something of a cult following, not typically thought of amongst the upper pantheon of PlayStation exclusives in the same way games like Uncharted, Horizon, or God of War are.

Should Days Gone PC come to fruition, we could be seeing the strategy for future Worldwide Studios releases, utilizing PC releases years later in order to inject a second life into the game and gain a source of additional revenue and interest. An additional marketing push for a PC release could also promote additional purchases of the console version and ultimately offer the team more success than it would have had should the game remain strictly a console exclusive. It’s also a great way to promote potential sequels, as many have surmised the PC release of Horizon might be doing for the long-rumored PS5 follow-up. For now, however, this remains a rumor based on a mostly blank listing on Amazon France.

[Source: Amazon France; via: Twitter]