Blow Your Stimulus Check On This Awesome, Expensive Sekiro Figure

Not to tell you how to live your life, but sometimes we all need to splurge on something dumb and fun. This couldn’t be more true in a pandemic kind of world where finding any kind of joy feels like a harsh betrayal of everyone out there suffering. If you’re out there looking for something cool and related to one of the best games last year then you can do a lot worse with your stimulus money than this expensive but rad Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice figure from the good folks at Max Factory.

The Max Factory DX Edition of Sekiro from the game of the same name is a Figma-style premium collectible with a high amount of detail and added accessories. If you’ve ever been in a comic book store recently you’ve probably seen the Square Enix-backed S.H. Figurearts series, with this line from Max Factory being in the same vein. The figures are typically posable to a high degree and designed with interchangeability of parts in mind for the recreation of scenes. The Sekiro figure featured here comes with nine accessories straight from the game, including his trademark weapons and a Sculptor’s Idol save point.

What makes this figure stand out–and worth its $125 dollar price–is the paint detail, which comes from a process the creator calls a 3D painting technique. “With the use of a special printer, Sekiro’s elaborately sculpted face can be painted at three different angles. With this, not only can his skin and wrinkles be recreated in immaculate detail, but also his scar and the mark of the Dragon’s Heritage on the side of his face. A single coat from the front. If it is not enough, add a second coat from the sides. For quality fit for figma Sekiro’s 3D painting, add a third coat for perfection.”

This process is also used to provide depth and texture to the figure, using multiple layers of paint to give the feel of wood, iron, and stone.

If this figure strikes your fancy then be sure to get a pre-order going now, as it will probably be sold out by the time its January 2021 release date hits. For the rest of us, we’ll have to settle for dying to that damn, decapitated ape boss fight over and over once more.