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Sumo Digital is Working on 21 Project, 14 Haven’t Been Announced Yet

Sumo Digital, the studio better known for LittleBigPlanet 3 and Team Sonic Racing, recently unveiled its full year results for 2019. A document concerning the results is available to peruse online, revealing the team has a massive 21 projects in development. Of those 21 games, 14 remain publicly unknown at present. And, apparently, Sony XDev, along with Apple, Sega, and Microsoft Studios, counts among Sumo Digital’s “Strategic Partners.”

Page 16 of the document, which features in the screenshot below, shows that Sumo Digital’s 21 current works-in-progress are being developed for 12 different clients. As of now, only seven games or publisher partnerships have been formally unveiled. It’s not known when the studio will share more information about its future endeavors.

sumo digital games

Page 17 outlines what all of Sumo Digital’s various development studios are working on, in addition to detailing how many employees are staffed within each team. Interestingly, Page 17 also notes that Sumo Warrington is in its “New Studio Set-Up Phase.” Sumo announced the Warrington, England office last October. At the time, the new team was said to have been established to deliver “high-end engineering and code support services to prestigious clients.” The document also indicates that The Chinese Room (Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture) is producing a new IP.

See the document’s Page 17 in the following screenshot,

sumo digital games

None of Sumo Digital’s unannounced projects have been hinted at, barring the studio’s reveal last summer that it entered into a partnership with 2K Games. The team’s Sheffield, England-based studio and Red Kite Games are leading development on the 2K titles, which apparently includes multiple games. Neither Sumo nor 2K have shared more information since the partnership’s unveiling.

[Source: Sumo Digital Group via Push Square]