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Report: Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 to Feature ‘Gigantic’ World and Co-Op Mode

A host of job listings suggest Guerrilla Games is currently hard at work on a sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn. It’s no doubt going to be quite the ambitious sequel, too. And a new report may reveal the scope of the studio’s ambitions. Reportedly, Guerrilla has plans for a Horizon trilogy. The next entry will apparently be “gigantic” in terms of scope, featuring even more of a massive open-world, in addition to a co-op mode.

Video Games Chronicle relays word of the above from “multiple sources” familiar with Guerrilla’s and Sony’s plans for the future of Horizon. According to said sources, Guerrilla wanted to create of series of Horizon titles from the beginning. Supposedly, this is evidenced by a multi-part script. Sony didn’t agree to such a plan, however, until after the first game became a success story.

VGC goes on to claim that development on a Horizon: Zero Dawn sequel began soon after the original’s launch. The publication’s sources divulged the follow-up was meant to release on the PlayStation 4. Although, it seems Guerrilla is now focusing exclusively on the PlayStation 5.

The next-gen hardware should especially prove beneficial to Horizon: Zero Dawn 2’s supposed “gigantic” scope. A more expansive open-world is in the works, which will allow players to explore more freely than the first entry.

Allegedly, Guerrilla has another surprise up its sleeve, too. VGC says people knowledgable about the title’s development claim that a co-op component is on the cards. As of now, it remains unclear as to whether such a mode will be separate or factor into the main campaign. Another source told the publication of how Guerrilla once wanted to develop “a standalone co-op game preview.” Had it come to fruition, players would’ve been able to transfer their progress to Horizon’s full sequel upon its release. It’s unknown whether Guerrilla will abandon this idea entirely.

VGC also notes this isn’t the studio’s first time toying around with co-op plans for the series. Apparently, both Guerrilla and Sony have been keen on introducing online components to some degree. Co-op plans were reportedly in place for the original. The team left said plans on the cutting room floor to focus its energy on other aspects of the experience.

As is always the case, such reports are little more than unsubstantiated claims. Fans should take all of the above with a grain of salt.

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