Dying Light Gets New DLC Five Years After Release, Based On Unreleased Game Hellraid

Maybe Techland wasn’t happy to hear that Deep Silver is still trying to resurrect the Dead Island series. It’s the only logical explanation as to why Dying Light is getting new DLC five years after its initial release, and quite possibly based on another Techland game that never saw the (dying) light of day. Announced on the Dying Light Twitter page today, Hellraid is a DLC update coming to consoles and PC this summer, sporting the aesthetic and name of a Techland game intended for release way back in 2015.

The short teaser trailer doesn’t reveal specifics, but the name and skull-and-bones decorating are a big, neon sign that seems to point towards Techland making use of Hellraid content and/or assets from way back when. The original Hellraid website is still open, showing a similar design and look to the skulls that adorn the Hellraid arcade cabinet found in the trailer. If Hellraid doesn’t ring a bell then you aren’t alone, but it appeared to be a co-op dungeon crawling experience with first-person melee combat and expanding skill trees. If you’re thinking “Gee, that sounds similar to Dying Light,” then you aren’t wrong. Dying Light might be what happened when the open-world of Dead Island combined with Hellraid and its co-op elements.

Still, releasing DLC for a five-year-old game is downright unheard of, or at the very least, pretty strange. Though, this does fall in line with Techland releasing content for Dying Light here and there, including an update to its story mode released back in February this year. Perhaps this is a mea culpa for the indefinite delay of Dying Light 2 from its initial release date of spring 2020.

The Dying Light – Hellraid DLC releases some time this summer.