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According to Pro Skater Jason Dill, There’s a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Launching in 2020

Yet another piece of information has surfaced to suggest Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater will soon mount a return. This time, the rumor comes courtesy of a professional skater, Jason Dill, who casually let loose the detail on a podcast.

Twitter user Nibel took note of Dill’s claim on the Stop and Chat podcast. During the show, Dill asks whether the other podcast members are aware another Tony Hawk’s Pro [Skater] is “coming out in 2020.” One says he’d “heard about that,” before Dill adds that he has a song in it. Apparently, he himself won’t appear, though he did make sure his board made it on the roster of “boards you can pick.”

Nibel’s tweet features an excerpt of the chat about THPS. Check it out in the link below:

Dill goes on to allege he’s previously spoken to EA about the Skate series, too. “I got a call from the EA people about 10 months ago. And they said, ‘hey, we wanna talk about the Skate games.'” According to Dill, a woman corresponded with him via email, sharing EA’s interest in a “mobile version of Skate 3.” Supposedly, the skater responded by saying no one wants a mobile game. “Make Skate f***ing 4 already.”

He says he then explained to the EA rep that the publisher won’t make a ton of money on it. However, “you do it for a cultural thing that pays you back later.” Dill claims the rep wrote back that they’re not doing a new Skate title. Though he reports they offered him $1 million to take part in the mobile version of Skate 3, he simply said “no.”

Skate talk begins in the video below at the 1:39:00 mark:

Both THPS and Skate have been dormant for several years. Rumors about the former began circulating in March, though. Interestingly, they, too, were with regards to licensed music in a new THPS entry. An industry insider later corroborated these claims, alleging the new game will take the form of a THPS remaster. As always, these are mere rumors, though they are very exciting indeed.

[Source: The Nine Club on YouTube via Nibel on Twitter]