Bright Memory: Infinite’s Gameplay Continues to Impress as We Await a PS5 Confirmation

Chinese developer FYQD-Studio has released another gameplay teaser for its first-person shooter, Bright Memory: Infinite. The new look premiered during Microsoft’s recent Inside Xbox stream, offering up the first confirmation that the game is indeed launching on next-gen. However, as of now, the title is only slated for the Xbox Series X as far as new hardware is concerned. PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One iterations presumably remain on the cards, too, as well as an expected but unconfirmed PS5 version.

Get a fresh look at Bright Memory: Infinite’s intense gameplay in the trailer linked below:

This particular shooter has quite an intriguing history. It first released via Steam Early Access as Bright Memory: Episode 1 in January 2019. As opposed to developing a proper Episode 2, FYQD elected to produce a reboot in the form of Bright Memory: Infinite. The developer announced the project’s interesting evolution last March, noting that it was in the early stages of development at the time. It cropped up once more earlier this year, courtesy of one heck of an action-packed gameplay trailer. More interesting still is the fact that it was originally being made by one person. He has since outsourced some of the work due a controversy surrounding reused/reworked enemy models from other games, but it remains an impressive achievement by a single individual nonetheless.

Bright Memory: Infinite’s sprawling adventure unfolds in a futuristic city during the year 2036. Players will assume the role of Supernatural Science Research Organization (SRO) member Sheila. As evidenced by the trailer above, Sheila’s relation to SRO grants her access to a wide range of advanced weapons and technology.

Those who decide to join the adventure will get to take advantage of such tech while navigating through a series of unexpected circumstances. In one instance, for example, players will find themselves exploring a time-traveling spaceship. Another will involve a battle with an ancient Samurai warrior. Apparently, diving into a black hole that mysteriously appears on Earth plays a role in the experience, as well.

[Source: FYQD-Studio, Xbox Wire]