You’ll Switch Combat Stances in Ghost of Tsushima Based on Enemy Type

Similar to Team Ninja’s Nioh series, Ghost of Tsushima features combat stances that players will have the option to change at leisure. This briefly received reference during the recent State of Play broadcast; however, Sucker Punch didn’t shed too much light on the matter. Things have been made a little clearer, though. At its core, Ghost of Tsushima’s fight stances rely upon the different enemy types.

Creative Director Jason Connell hinted at what to expect from stances while speaking with VG247. Connell told the publication,

We show off stances a little bit, so you’re going to have to pick the right stance in order to fight the right person. That’s what stances are for in the game, and that’s especially useful if you get surrounded by too many people. Knowing that you could switch to this stance, because it’s easier to take out the guy with the shield, that’s good.

The implementation of stances represents another of example of Sucker Punch allowing players to feel as if they’re the ultimate Samurai. Bearing that in mind, it seems stances will serve as an essential part of the overall experience.

Connell’s last note on stances reads as follows,

We want you to feel like you’re playing a samurai. And so, stances are a big part of that, and in our game, stances are a way to–what kind of enemy is coming at you? And if you need to take them out quickly, you would want to switch to the appropriate stance.

Few details were shared about the combat stances during the aforementioned gameplay deep dive. Still, last week’s State of Play provided many a previously unknown tidbits. Sucker Punch showed off exploration, the Samurai combat playstyle, the Ghost style of play, Photo Mode, and Samurai Cinema mode. The latter feature means players will be able to activate a black and white film grain from the beginning.

Ghost of Tsushima launches this summer on July 17th for the PlayStation 4.

[Source: VG247]