Rumor: PS5 Event Plans Canned Earlier This Year as Sony Wanted a ‘Professional Stream’

Throughout this year, thus far, speculation about when Sony would host a PlayStation 5-centric presentation has been ongoing. Obviously, concerns regarding coronavirus halted many a plan. However, new information suggests that Sony itself pulled back a few times because executives didn’t want an “at-home” stream. They were instead insistent on holding something of a more professional quality, complete with a “massive studio” and several people.

This report comes courtesy of journalist Alanah Pearce’s recent appearance on Kinda Funny Games Daily. According to Pearce,

Sony has tried to do presentations already this year, and I know this from developers who were supposed to be part of those presentations, but didn’t because for some reason, somewhere in the Sony hierarchy they were very obsessed with the idea of having a very, very, very professional stream, rather than something previously recorded.

So they weren’t willing to do anything outside of a massive studio with a crew of like, 25 to 30 people. Which, for those devs who were planning to have their games revealed at those certain streams, was very frustrating, because they were like, ‘I don’t understand why we can’t just send you in this footage and have our marketing guy on exactly as planned,’ but PlayStation just wasn’t having the at-home-quality stuff. They were refusing to do it. So I feel like maybe this is actually going to be huge…

See the full video below. Pearce shares her insight at around the 10:05 timestamp:

Evidently, the at-home streams have been rather hit or miss. Not everyone responded well to Microsoft’s Inside Xbox, mostly because the messaging set expectations that arguably weren’t met. However, Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 presentation received predominantly positive responses. Who knows exactly where Sony would fall on this spectrum?

The latest word on Sony’s PS5 event is that it could take place as early as next week. Of course, the ongoing Covid-19 situation means such plans, which remain unsubstantiated, are subject to change at a moment’s notice.

Interestingly, VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb, who’s rested at the center of such talk for weeks, added his own insight about the matter during Kinda Funny Games Daily. Partway through the stream, Pearce read a comment from Grubb who appeared in the stream’s chat.

According to him, Sony may show off the PS5 design before going live with whatever event they reportedly have slated in the coming days. He anticipates the hardware won’t be kept under wraps past June 3rd, and may very well receive a reveal in another Wired article or something of the like. (Grubb’s comments are read at around the 17:25 mark during the above video.)

With June right around the corner, we’ll know soon enough whether Sony aims to go ahead and rip off the bandaid.

[Source: Kinda Funny Games Daily via Wccftech]