dualshock 4 back button attachment restock

DualShock 4’s Back Button Attachment is Now Back in Stock

As previously promised by Sony, the DualShock 4’s back button attachment is now back in stock at a number of retailers in the US. Sony launched the small device earlier this year, but it didn’t take long for stock to run out. Now the accessory has returned to stores such as Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and PlayStation Direct.

Some PlayStation 4 players may still have a difficult time getting their hands on a back button attachment, though. The Amazon listing shows that stock is very limited for the time being. Similarly, the PlayStation Direct listing notes only “limited quantities” are presently available. At the time of writing, however, Best Buy and GameStop do not appear to be experiencing any issues on this particular front.

For the price of $30 USD, DualShock 4 owners gain an array of new features with the back button attachment. The accessory specifically boasts two back buttons, allowing players to assign up to 16 different actions, including the controller’s face and trigger buttons. Thanks to a high-fidelity OLED display, the attachment also offers real-time information about the buttons that have been mapped.

Sony announced the DualShock 4 back button attachment late last year. The device hit stores this past January; obviously, it’s been selling well since then. Opinions on it are rather mixed overall. While the back button accessory certainly represents a serviceable option for a low price, especially compared to dedicated pro controllers, there are a few noticeable flaws. Notably, players and critics agree the device can feel uncomfortable or clunky against the DualShock 4’s otherwise sleek design.

With next-gen on the horizon, it should be interesting to see how Sony handles similar products in the future, particularly given the DualSense’s heftier look. There are some patents that suggest the controller could have a back-button attachment that doubles as a wireless charging unit.

[Source via Comicbook.com]