Call of Duty 2020 Key Art Supposedly Leaked Through PlayStation Network

It seems the Call of Duty leaks just keep coming. The latest bit of information is courtesy of a build that appears in PlayStation Network’s backend. This listing features on PS4 Database, which tracks activity on Sony’s network, but is tagged as “The Red Door.” The Content ID certainly seems to suggest “The Red Door” codename belongs to Treyarch’s upcoming Call of Duty entry; it reads: EP0002-CUSA20074_00-COD2020INTALPHA1 (emphasis added). And, apparently, someone was able to dig through the above information to unearth the game’s key art design.

Out of this maze of PSN data, Twitter user James Kiwami reportedly found a way to unlock Call of Duty 2020’s key art. The design matches long-running rumors that indicate this year’s entry will be of the Black Ops variety and return the subseries to its Cold War roots. See Kiwami’s post in the screenshot below:

call of duty 2020 leak

A subsequent tweet from Kiwami confirms he mined PSN data to somehow retrieve the above image. It interestingly lacks the “Cold War” tag, though, which reports recently indicated Call of Duty 2020 would bear as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. If such a title was ever considered by Activision and Treyarch, perhaps it has since been ditched in favor of something more streamlined. However, it would not be too far fetched to assume this PlayStation Network listing and key art relates to a potential Black Ops remaster or remake.

Updates to, a website that chronicles game updates, features “The Red Door” listing, as well. This particular filing appears as such in both the US and EU regions, along with key art for “The Red Door” itself.

Regardless of what this may all entail, concrete details are bound to surface sometime soon. Who knows, perhaps a reveal is slated for tomorrow’s PS5 games event?

[Source: PS4 Database, James Kiwami on Twitter via GamingBolt]