PS5 Reveal: Square Enix’s Luminous Productions is Hard at Work on the Breathtaking Project Athia

In the spring of 2018, Square Enix took members from Final Fantasy XV’s team to form Luminous Productions. For quite some time now, this studio has been hard at work on a new IP. Finally, Square Enix was able to show it off during Sony’s recent PlayStation 5 event. Project Athia is the game’s working title, and it looks nothing short of breathtaking.

Get a glimpse of the adventure that waits in Project Athia’s teaser trailer:

Luminous Productions’ Project Athia is currently in development for the PlayStation 5 and PC. Described as “a thrilling story-led, action-packed adventure,” the title is quite clearly taking advantage of all that next-gen technology has on offer. Unfortunately, since the above merely serves as a sneak peak, neither Luminous nor Square Enix can share many more details at present.

However, a PlayStation Blog post from Director Takeshi Aramaki teases that Project Athia’s world will be replete with both “beauty and dismay.” Luminous also hopes the adventure will feel as though it belongs as much to players as it does to the game’s leading characters.

Square Enix first announced Luminous had begun work on a brand-new IP in March of last year. Several months later, the studio unleashed a rather impressive tech demo, showcasing its ray-tracing chops. The Luminous Engine used for Final Fantasy XV powered the tech demo; thus, it’s most likely powering Project Athia, as well. Though there’s no word on when the developer will have more to unveil, this certainly seems an excellent first showing.

Some have even theorized that this game is a light follow-up to Final Fantasy XV or may take place within its same world based on certain clues in the trailer, including environments and locations that match up with those from XV.

The new game from Luminous Productions presently lacks a release date.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]