Comparison Photos Show Horizon Forbidden West’s San Francisco Landmarks Alongside Modern Counterparts

Guerrilla Games unveiled Horizon Forbidden West last week during Sony’s PlayStation 5 event. The teaser trailer featured footage of Aloy exploring new terrain and interacting with a few fresh metal monsters. Those who pay close attention to the trailer may spot a number of recognizable San Francisco landmarks. To showcase just how accurate Guerrilla’s post-post-apocalyptic recreations are to the modern-day version of these iconic settings, one fan took the liberty of organizing photo comparisons.

The impressive work comes from Reddit user Ewaan, who created photo comparisons for five of Horizon Forbidden West’s overgrown landmarks and their present-day counterparts. The five landmarks pictured include: San Francisco’s Ferry Building, Palace of Fine Arts, Golden Gate Bridge, Transamerica Pyramid, and City Hall. See the comparison images featured below:

horizon forbidden west landmarks

Real life locales are not by any means new to Horizon. The nascent franchise’s first entry predominantly takes place in parts of Colorado and Utah, and a few overgrown or dilapidated landmarks can be spotted here and there. However, the images above indicate that some infrastructures in San Francisco have fared better than those featured in Horizon Zero Dawn. Evidently, not all of Forbidden West will center on a San Francisco setting. The announcement trailer features instances of Aloy traversing desert plains and climbing snowy mountains, too.

Guerrilla’s next adventure will see Aloy travel westward, presumably to thwart the rise of a new threat. Details concerning the narrative remain sparse, but the reveal trailer suggests that whatever threat is brewing could very well wipe out what’s left of Aloy’s world.

Horizon Forbidden West will come to the PlayStation 5 on an unspecified date. The PlayStation 5 is slated to launch sometime this holiday season.

[Source: Reddit]