fallout 76 authentication public team

Fallout 76 Gets Multi-Factor Authentication; Fasnacht Event Stats, New Public Team UI in Next Update

This isn’t the sexiest news of the day, but you know what? I’ve had more than my fair share of gaming-related accounts hacked recently–thanks Nintendo–so bringing more security options to more games is a much-welcome move. Bethesda announced today in a community blog post that Fallout 76 now has multi-factor authentication that allows users to safeguard their Bethesda Dot Net accounts from harm. The post also includes some information on the new Public Teams system and UI coming in Update 20, along with some fun, post-apocalyptic statistics about its recently completed yearly event, Fasnacht Day.

Players looking to set up multi-factor authentication can visit the Bethesda help page–though, in a bad sign the website is currently bringing up at 503 error–but will at least provide some protection for those that want to…uh…keep safe your Elder Scrolls: Legends cards? Regardless, adding 2FA is never a bad thing and at this point should be the gold standard for all logins. Welcome to the year 2020, Bethesda!

The rest of the blog post pertains to Update 20’s new Public Teams system, which will not only bring about some UI changed but give players some perks for teaming up in the Appalachian hills for specific tasks. So says Bethesda, “While you’re perusing the list, you will see that every Public Team has its own Team Goal, like exploration or building, which will help you find other like-minded players more easily. Public Teams can have up to four members, so as long as there is an open spot you can click one of the teams in the list to join it immediately.”

fallout 76 authentication public team

The new system goes a long way to making the Fallout 76 level grind a little less awful while also providing an easier way to get some strangers together for whatever reason. Shout-out to giving roleplayers a charisma bonus for teaming up.

And if you’re truly interested then Bethesda has some Fasnacht Day stats for your amusement, which include such numbers as the amount of masks earned by players and how many times the host town Helvetia was nuked/griefed during the event (writer’s note: Sorry, Annette.) Sadly, there’s no statistic for the number of squirrel guts turned in during the event which means this whole thing was for naught.