Preloading is Now Live for Ghost of Tsushima; Base Game Requires 34GB of Free Space

Ghost of Tsushima preloads are now live through the PlayStation Store. As such, anyone who preordered, or plans to preorder before launch, can now begin downloading the game at any time. Players who are preloading Sucker Punch’s latest action title have shared the base game’s file size, which clocks in at just over 34GB.

The following screenshot, courtesy of SP1st, shows Ghost of Tsushima’s download page as it appears on the PS4.

Ghost of Tsushima Preload

Evidenced in the image above, the “Bonus Content” that comes with the title’s Digital Deluxe Edition requires another 22GB of free space. This is not too surprising given that this content will include a host of digital goodies. Chief among such extras are a digital mini art book and Director’s Commentary.

SP1st further notes players will need to download three patches, all totaling a combined 9GB or so. Similar to the previously hinted at Update 1.01, each update seems to address bug and localization issues. More information about these fixes should emerge once Ghost of Tsushima releases in full next Friday.

In addition to preloads, a stylish new trailer just surfaced for Japanese audiences. It’s certainly worth a watch regardless of which region you live in, however. Check it out in the video below:

As you can see, the trailer shows off a bit of the game’s “Kurosawa Mode,” which Sucker Punch unveiled during a recent State of Play stream. This monochromatic mode takes inspiration from the works of late filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. Earlier this week, the studio confirmed it received the blessing of Kurosawa’s Estate. Don’t just expect a simple black and white filter, either. Apparently, the developer went above and beyond to ensure “Kurosawa Mode” enhances and amplifies the experience.

Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima sneaks onto the PlayStation 4 next week on Friday, July 17th.

[Source: PS Store via SP1st]