Square Enix Filed a Trademark for Tomb Raider Ultimate Experience

Publisher Square Enix unleashed Shadow of the Tomb Raider in late 2018. Since it marked the final entry in the rebooted Tomb Raider trilogy, there’s an air of mystery with regards to what’s next for the beloved franchise. A recent trademark seems to offer some semblance of a clue. The trademark in question is for something known as Tomb Raider Ultimate Experience or T.R.U.E.

A screenshot of the listing features below:

tomb raider trademark

According to the listing, Square Enix first filed for the trademark in August 2018, about a month before Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s launch. The filing’s most recent update came and went late last month. Nothing in the listing explicitly states what T.R.U.E. will entail. GamingBolt, the publication that spotted the trademark, notes Square Enix may have a collection in the works for the recently concluded trilogy of games. This certainly seems possible given the fast-approaching new generation of consoles.

It’s also not beyond the realm of possibility that Square Enix may be tinkering with another companion app. Remember Deus Ex Universe, the app that essentially served as a Deus Ex wiki for the Eidos Montréal prequels? It shut down in May 2018, but was rather serviceable as far as companion apps go. But who knows when the publisher will detail its T.R.U.E.-related plans?

Crystal Dynamics’ first Tomb Raider reboot entry hit stores early in 2013 for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360. The title made its way to current-gen platforms in Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition roughly one year later. Rise of the Tomb Raider came to the PS4 in 2016, followed by the release of Eidos Montréal’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider in 2018. The latter is currently available to stream via PlayStation Now.

[Source: Justia Trademarks via GamingBolt]