ghost recon breakpoint ai squad

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Adds AI Teammates This Week in a Free Update

At long last, Ghost Recon Breakpoint will soon receive the much-coveted AI teammates. Players who prefer to explore Aurora solo can activate AI squad mates once a free update drops on July 15th.

As promised, Ubisoft announced the news during the pre-show for yesterday’s Ubisoft Forward digital showcase. The publisher shared a host of other details in the following AI teammates trailer:

Much like Ghost Recon Wildlands, three AI Ghosts will join Breakpoint’s solo players on missions. They all have names, too–Fury, Fixit, and Vasily. One key difference between the feature in Wildlands and Breakpoint is the sheer level of customization. The three squad mates can be male or female, for example. Plus, their gear and equipment will prove just as customizable as that of the player.

To a certain extent, the same holds true for weapon loadout selections. Each teammate will come equipped with an assault rifle. But they’ll utilize whatever primary weapon the player assigns for them. The primary weapon will be fully customizable via Gunsmith options, apart from mark upgrades and passive bonuses. This will especially benefit players in battle, since AI squad members adapt to combat conditions. For example, those wielding a shotgun will play at closer quarters, while those using a sniper rifle will hang back from a longer distance.

Players should also expect Sync Shot to be even more destructive. With Nomad, three AI squad mates, and the drone, players can line up a total of seven shots at once. Tactical advantages can further take shape thanks to the Order Wheel, which will allow players to give four different orders–‘Go To,’ ‘Regroup,’ ‘Cleared Hot,’ and ‘Hold Position.’ All in all, this new update should change the nature of the experience considerably for those who typically go it alone.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is in stores now for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.