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Footage of Unreleased Sucker Punch Game Leaks Online

A former Sucker Punch character artist recently shared clips on their website of an unreleased title from the studio. An 11 minute vertical slice of gameplay made its way to Reddit. After repeated removals, someone uploaded the full video to Google Drive. As of writing, the footage is still accessible via the Google Drive link.

See the remnants of what may or may not be a cancelled Sucker Punch product in the video below:

As evidenced by the title card near the end of the vertical slice, Sucker Punch named the project in question Prophecy. The footage begins with sweeping shots of a town, before the camera draws the viewer’s attention to the tearing down of a King’s statue. Focus then shifts to a man on the street donning a long coat and mask. Once he gets unwanted attention from the town guard, the man–Abel–uses a form of magic to quickly escape his captors.

From there, a long chase throughout the town ensues. It’s especially interesting as Abel’s escape tactics seem to have inspired some aspects of Sucker Punch’s newest title, Ghost of Tsushima. One instance sees Abel squeezing through a pair of large rocks, not unlike what Jin does to navigate in and out of certain areas. Another scene involves Able slinking below a building. This sequence’s switch to first-person view especially appears to have informed similar gameplay options in Ghost of Tsushima.

The footage for Prophecy shows bits of sword-based and hand-to-hand combat. Pieces of parkour feature, as well. But what’s particularly eye-catching are Abel’s abilities. Near the end, a button prompt incites the use of a magical or alchemical ability that burns through iron bars. Seconds later, Abel tosses a brown powder at a guard whose pristine armor melts away almost instantly.

Details are sparse. Thus, what Prophecy is or may have been can only be inferred at present. The final scene features voice over from Abel, who’s last seen donning a guard’s disguise. His narration tells of chambers replete with secrets hidden beneath the “scarred” city. Once found, the town is sure to burn, he concludes.

Last week, Studio Co-Founder Brian Fleming teased that the team had a few other projects in mind before settling on Ghost of Tsushima. Those he referenced were related to pirates, Rob Roy, and The Three Musketeers. Prophecy appears to embody none of those ideas.

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