People Can Fly Announced a ‘Groundbreaking Action-Adventure’ Game for PC and Next-Gen

People Can Fly, the developer behind Bulletstorm and the upcoming Outriders, has another action title in the works. The company’s New York studio aims to focus its next endeavor on the production of a “groundbreaking action-adventure” game. This particular AAA project will eventually come to next-gen, PC, and streaming platforms.

People Can Fly New York’s Studio Head, David Grijns, is on board to lead development, alongside Creative Director Roland Lesterlin. Throughout the next 12 to 18 months, the New York office will scale in size by hiring dozens of additional staff members. A new “startup studio” based in Montréal is also on track to join the family during this period of time. People Can Fly’s sister teams in Warsaw, Rzeszow, and Newcastle will further aid in the new project’s production.

In a statement on the company’s blog, CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski spoke proudly of the team’s growth. People Can Fly first announced the New York studio last year and unveiled Outriders at E3. Now the staff stands 250 strong with further expansion on the horizon. “Our intention from the beginning has been to expand People Can Fly into a multi-project studio and continue to build a global presence for our brand,” Wojciechowski noted. To achieve this goal, hiring is already underway with several positions opened on the website’s “Career” portal.

The studio remains mum about what exactly its newly announced action title entails. However, players can gear up for a different kind of People Can Fly adventure in the near future. Outriders, a co-op shooter, launches on PS4, PS5, PC via Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X this holiday season.

[Source: People Can Fly Blog]