Final Fantasy VII Remake DLC Previously Tied to Butterfinger Purchases is Now Free

Ahead of the Final Fantasy VII Remake launch, Square Enix ran a promotion with Butterfinger. Yes, the candy bar brand. Exclusive to the United States, the promotion ran from March 3rd to May 14th. Fans who purchased Butterfinger, Babe Ruth, or Crunch bars were eligible for in-game content. However, only those who bought a minimum of two bars per purchase could qualify. It was a strange ordeal, but not too unusual as far as game promotions go. But now that Butterfinger-exclusive content is over and done with. Each piece of in-game DLC related to the deal is now available free of charge on the PlayStation Store.

The free DLC went live this week, allowing players to download all of the following content:

  • Cornero’s Armlet
  • Mako Crystal
  • Midgar Bangle
  • Shinra Bangle
  • Superstar Belt

At the time of writing, it appears the above DLC offerings are only available via the US PlayStation Store. Whether or not this batch of content will go live across the storefront in other regions remains to be seen.

For now, fans are patiently awaiting news of when the next Final Fantasy VII Remake chapter will hit store shelves. Strangely enough, the developers behind the project aren’t too sure on how many parts will launch in total. They have also yet to lock in a concrete release schedule.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available now digitally and at retail for the PlayStation 4. This version of the classic title will land on the PC and Xbox One in early 2021.

[Source: PlayStation Store via Push Square]