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The Pedestrian Comes to PS4 in January 2021, Introducing Challenging Puzzles Embedded Within Public Signs

Developer Skookum Arts originally launched its 2.5D side-scrolling puzzler The Pedestrian on PC via Steam earlier this year. The peculiar puzzle platformer will soon land on the PlayStation 4, as well. PS4 players can get their hands on The Pedestrian on an unspecified date in January 2021.

A trailer during the latest State of Play broadcast unveiled the news. Skookum Arts celebrated the announcement on its Twitter page, referring to the Sony console as a personal “favorite” of the developer. Check out the trailer below for a close look at the challenging journey ahead in The Pedestrian.

The Pedestrian will drop players into the role of a 2D character who navigates signs in a 3D world. In doing so, the 2D character will have to manipulate and connect public signs in the world, all in an effort to move forward. Thus, players can expect to encounter all manner of challenging puzzles that will demand keen observation skills.

Skookum Arts is a team of three who reside in Ohio. Daniel Lackey serves as the studio’s artist, his brother Jed Lackey is the programmer, and the role of designer belongs to their longtime friend, Joel Hornsby. A post from Hornsby on the PlayStation Blog notes the group decided to found the team despite no prior knowledge of video game development. Such a risk seems to have paid off with an exceptionally unique game that received largely positive reviews on PC. PlayStation has been home to a number of beloved puzzle games, so it’s the perfect platform to bring Pedestrian to.

No word yet exists on a PS5 version, though it should be playable on the next-gen console via backwards compatibility when it launched in January 2021.

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