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The Forbidden Arts Will Finally Be Able to Be Practiced on PlayStation 4s Later This Year

Stingbot Games has finally announced release date information for its action-adventure platformer, The Forbidden Arts. The title will come to the PlayStation 4 on an unspecified date later in 2019. However, it’s set to hit Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and Xbox One on August 7th for $14.99.

The Forbidden Arts was originally supposed to launch on the PlayStation 4 back in January 2018. At the time, its expected launch date was an unspecified day in early 2019. Finally, the wait is nearly at an end.

Stingbot’s The Forbidden Arts places exploration at the epicenter of this action-adventure experience. There’s also an element of magic and mystery to it. After having unexplainable visions, the game’s protagonist, Phoenix, visits a Druid for help. During their interaction, the Druid awakens within Phoenix a latent power he didn’t know he possessed–pyromancy. Thus begins the hero’s journey, as Phoenix quickly becomes invested in not only learning more about his newfound abilities, but also in mastering them.

Check out the new release date trailer below for a look at The Forbidden Arts:

In addition to an intriguing premise, there are plenty of other reasons to be interested in The Forbidden Arts. As Phoenix, players will venture across several levels in five different worlds, all brought to life in the platformer’s gorgeous, hand-painted style. While adventuring, players will encounter more than 30 different types of enemies, six bosses battles, puzzles, a host of captivating characters, and more. All of this takes place over the course of around 12 hours of gameplay.

Moreover, Phoenix’s pyromancy skills will seemingly make the experience even more engrossing. These abilities will be used for more than just casting spells to dispatch enemies, though. Players will also find pyromancy integral while putting them to use to navigate the 2D and 3D environments.

[Source: Stingbot Games via Gematsu]