the pedestrian ps4

Acclaimed Puzzle Platformer The Pedestrian Headed to PS4 and PS5 Later This Month

Skookum Arts has announced that its beautiful 2.5D side scrolling puzzle platformer, The Pedestrian, will release on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on Friday, January 29th. The game first released on PC a year ago to positive critic and user reviews.

Players will step into the shoes of a 2D character navigating signs in a 3D world. In order to progress, the character must rearrange and connect public signs. Check out a trailer below.

Skookum Arts’ development team comprises of three friends based in rural Ohio. The trio didn’t have a background in game development, and had to start from the basics. As a result, The Pedestrian took them six years to complete.

“In the beginning we did a lot of prototyping in an attempt to find our unique puzzle mechanic,” the studio wrote on the PlayStation Blog. “We discovered while working in our puzzle editor that creating the puzzle was half the fun! So we took the core of our puzzle editor (moving and connecting signs) and turned that into our main mechanic. This created two distinct modes – playmode and puzzlemode.” Playmode allows players to control the character and puzzlemode allows them to edit the puzzle layout.

The Pedestrian is also in development for the Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.