Override 2: Super Mech League Brings Arena Brawling to Consoles and PC Later This Year

Most people probably missed Override: Mech City Brawl. Released in 2018, the mecha-based arena brawler slipped under the radar thanks to spotty reviews. The team at Modus Games is ready to give the robot punching genre yet another try with Override 2: Super Mech League, coming to consoles and PC. The sequel was announced with a bombastic trailer yesterday during the gamescom Opening Night live stream event. The slicked-up trailer features all the metal-punching one would expect from a game claiming to contain an entire mech league, so prepare yourself for robo-based destruction with the announcement footage.

“In the original, Override: Mech City Brawl, these giant mechs were created to eradicate an alien threat known as the Xenotypes. Seven years after the Xenotype invasion has ended, the colossal machines that were once the planet’s defenders, are now the world’s entertainers in global sports style combat,” said Lucas Croft of Modus Games in a PlayStation Blog post yesterday. “In the sequel, you’ll start as new mech pilot honing and displaying their skills to rise through the competitive ranks of the Mech Leagues.”

With 20 mech-based fighters and a number of modes, Super Mech League looks like the kind of chaotic, multiplayer-based mash fest that brings folks together. The team’s focus with this new iteration of Override was to provide an emphasis on competitive multiplayer, but still has plenty of co-op modes for friends to enjoy. “We’re also excited to share new game modes such as King of the Hill, where players must lock-down and control points of an arena. Xenoswarm is also a new coop game mode pitting you against hordes of Xenomechs, machines that were created to simulate the past alien threat!” And who doesn’t love stopping alien threats? I mean, really?

Look for Override 2: Super Mech League on PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, an Switch sometime later this year.