Media Molecule Co-Founder Taking a Break from Game Development

Media Molecule Co-Founder Alex Evans spent “13 wonderful years” at the Sony-owned studio. Evans is now taking a break from game development entirely, following what he refers to as “lockdown-inspired soul searching.” As of now, the developer remains unsure of what’s next for him career-wise. But he has assured fans that Dreams is in the best of hands. In fact, the game’s future should prove mind-blowing, Evans teased.

Evans announced his break from the industry in a brief Twitter thread, which begins with the following post:

In a subsequent tweet, Evans adds that while he can’t imagine working anywhere other than Media Molecule, he wonders what other possibilities are available to someone like him. The thread’s final tweet is where Evans teases the future of Dreams. Apparently, whatever Media Molecule has in the works is going to blow everyone’s mind.

Lionhead Studios served as Evans’ first industry job, where he cut his teeth on the development of Black & White. As a founding member of Media Molecule, he was essential to the creation of what we now know as LittleBigPlanet. Whatever Evans chooses to do after his break may very well be another inventive endeavor.

Dreams is out now digitally and at retail on the PlayStation 4.

[Source: Alex Evans on Twitter]