PS5 Price Set at $499 Disc, $399 Digital, Releases November 12

After what’s felt like the longest year, today’s PS5 Showcase finally had the information everyone has been waiting for. The PS5 price is $499 for the standard disc-based console and $399 for the all-digital edition. Both will be releasing on November 12 in US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia and South Korea and November 19 in the rest of the world, though good luck getting your hands on one without a preorder. No word yet on preorders but first priority is going to players who are selected via Sony’s pre-screening signup process that happened earlier this month. Sony said preorders will open as early as tomorrow for select retailers, but hasn’t offered any additional details.

PS5 Price: $499

PS5 Digital Price: $399

PS5 Release Date: November 12, 2020

The PS5 price reveal comes following the leak (and subsequent official announcement) of Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox pricing and release date, ending the long-lasting game of chicken the two companies were playing in order to secure a power position going into next-gen. Sony’s PS5 pricing matches the Xbox Series X, but can’t touch the budget price of the lower-powered Series S, even with the digital PS5 at $399. Unlike Microsoft’s disparity between next-gen Xbox’s, Sony two PS5 models are identical save for the disc drive. The hardware manufacturer has previously made clear its desire to delineate clear divisions between console generations, offering experiences only possible on a new console.

Though the PS5 release date comes shortly after the next-gen Xbox release date of November 10th, the launch window shouldn’t make too much of a difference. The vase majority of launch inventory for both consoles will likely be spoken for by preorders, with additional holiday inventory not making its way to retailers until later.

That’s not all that was shown during today’s 40 minute PS5 showcase. It wouldn’t be a PS5 showcase withoutupdates and announcements about next-gen games, including looks at Demon’s Souls, Spider-Man Miles Morales, and the surprising reveal of Final Fantasy XVI and Hogwarts Legacy.

Were your estimations on price and release date correct? Which PS5 model will you be preordering? Let us know in the comments below.