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Servers for Halo Co-Creator’s Disintegration Multiplayer Will Soon Shut Down, Just Months After Launch

Halo Co-Creator Marcus Lehto produced the recently released Disintegration with developer V1 Interactive and publisher Private Division. While the title showed plenty of promise in the lead up to its June release, it ultimately didn’t review well. Evidently, the sci-fi shooter is not performing well, either. On November 17th, just months after its launch, Disintegration’s servers will shut down across all platforms. The single-player experience will remain intact, though.

The servers won’t go down for another couple of months, but V1 Interactive will begin rolling back the title’s online features today. Such a step comes in the form of a patch that dismantles Disintegration’s in-game storefront. However, players who have pre-existing credits can still redeem them.

In a statement regarding the news, V1 Interactive and Private Division noted that Disintegration’s players showed great interest in the solo campaign. Unfortunately, the multiplayer “struggled to build a significant audience necessary for a compelling multiplayer experience.”

The statement from the pair of companies further notes the pride they feel in having taken risks. And it appears there is plenty to be proud of in many respects. Regardless of the failed multiplayer, V1 Interactive’s small team of thirty developers released a unique project in a market that typically favors sequels, as well as tried and true experiences.

Disintegration’s future-set adventure sees desperate scientists solve a food shortage dilemma by temporarily placing the human mind in robotic armatures. Naturally, as time goes on, humanity becomes split on what to do next. There are those who prefer the immortality the armatures provide, while others want their humanity back. Add in Gravcycles and cool weapons and you have what we deemed a “great first game” in what now may or may not become a series.

Disintegration is out now for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

[Source: Private Division via Video Games Chronicle]