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Prohibition-Era Strategy Game Empire of Sin Locks in December 2020 Launch Date

Romero Games’ Empire of Sin was originally set to launch this spring. However, a delay earlier in the year pushed the Prohibition-era strategy title to an unspecified date in fall 2020. Now another delay is postponing the release until this winter. Not to worry, though, there’s a concrete date attached to the project this time around. Empire of Sin will hit the PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and Xbox One platforms on December 1st. All who preorder will gain access to an exclusive gangster and in-game mission.

News of Empire of Sin’s December launch date comes courtesy of a brand-new gameplay trailer, which offers a quick breakdown on the character of Goldie Garneau. Evidently, Goldie has strategically caused quite the riff between a couple of notable Chicago gangsters. See the new footage in the video linked below:

Paradox Interactive is publishing Empire of Sin, which takes place during the 1920s in Prohibition-era Chicago. Players will be tasked with climbing their way to the top of the criminal underworld by assuming the role of one of 14 characters, all of whom are inspired by historical and fictional gangsters. Such figures include the likes of Al Capone, Stephanie St. Clair, and Goldie Garneau. Even John Romero’s real-life great-grandmother, Elvira Duarte, will appear as a playable character in the game.

Of course, building a criminal empire requires trustworthy allies. Thus, players will also assemble their own gang, then begin carefully laying the path to success in the underworld. That path will come with more than its fair share of challenges, since claiming and defending turf is a must. Empire of Sin’s turn-based combat mechanics should make expanding territory that much more of a tactical thrill ride.

We had the opportunity to interview John Romero at PDX Con in Berlin last year, talking to him about Empire of Sin and how his decades of game influences and experiences went into its design. Empire of Sin will hit the PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and Xbox One platforms on December 1st, and should be playable on next-gen consoles via backwards compatibility.

[Source: Paradox Interactive]