Side-by-Side Comparison Video for Demon’s Souls Remake and Original Showcases Various Improvements

During Sony’s recent PS5 games showcase, viewers were treated to a closer look at the Demon’s Souls remake. A tutorial gameplay section featured in the nearly three-minute clip, alongside a very brief glimpse at a boss battle. The title running on PS5 couldn’t be anymore stunning. Evidently, the technology has come a long way in the years since Demon’s Souls originally released on the PS3. But just how far has it come? A side-by-side comparison video from YouTuber Joshua Gamez answers that question, showcasing stunning visual improvements between the two.

Joshua Gamez posted the video comparison yesterday. And it’s quite impressive. His gameplay from the 2009 game matches up perfectly with the tutorial shown at the PS5 event earlier this week. Check it out in the video below:

The lighting, particle effects, animations, and general graphics are all striking in the upcoming remake. It’ll be interesting to see how Bluepoint Games has refined the gameplay experience once fans get their hands on the remake. For now, though, this seems a faithful reimagining of a long-beloved classic.

Bluepoint unveiled its Demon’s Souls remake this summer at Sony’s PS5 reveal event in June. To the surprise of many, it received a rating in Korea not too long thereafter, indicating an imminent launch. Sure enough, this week’s showcase confirmed Demon’s Souls will release alongside the PlayStation 5 this holiday season.

Both Demon’s Souls and Sony’s new hardware will hit store shelves in just a couple of months on November 12th. In announcing this news, the publisher also confirmed prices on PlayStation exclusives will go up. Thus, Bluepoint’s latest remake bears a $70 price tag.

[Source: Joshua Gamez on YouTube via VG247]