Burger King PS5 Sweepstakes Details Go Live Early, Eat at BK and Win a PS5

Yesterday afternoon gave us one of the most curious teases in the long wait for next-gen: Burger King seemed to be teasing something PS5-related for October 15th through a vague video that used the PS5’s startup sound. Speculation ranged from a PS5 UI reveal to a typical “eat here, win a console” sweepstakes. Thanks to an article from Newsweek, the details on the Burger King PS5 promotion are now live. Effectively, eat at Burger King and have the chance to win a PS5.

The promotion will begin October 15th and run through November 22nd. To get a chance to win, you’ll need to register on the BK app or BK.com. Purchasing a two for $5 meal or any purchase of more than $5 will give players a “game token,” whether that purchase is on the website, through the app, or in store. That token is used for a digital scratch-off game in an attempt to win a PS5. Other prizes include codes for PlayStation games and Burger King coupons (so you can order even more food and try again!).

Official rules for the Burger King PS5 sweepstakes will be posted on the Burger King website, though the page currently only shows the teaser video from Twitter. This will eventually show additional details and the fine print for the promo, including odds of winning any given prize and additional methods of entry. Given just how difficult it was for many to get a preorder in, eating at Burger King may even offer better odds than Sony’s PS5 preorder fiasco. Hope you like Whoppers, fries, and chicken sandwiches.

With a Burger King PS5 sweepstakes giveaway now confirmed, that leaves the question of whether or not Sony will tie a PS5 UI reveal into the day as well. The debate centers around the startup sound used for the BK teaser, which was previously only used in the June PS5 reveal when Sony first teased the PS5 UI and startup. October 15th will also mark exactly four weeks before the PS5 launches, making it the perfect milestone to finally show everyone what the user interface looks like.

How many times are you going to eat at Burger King in an attempt to win a PS5? Do you think a PS5 UI reveal is also coming this week, or is the BK PS5 promo all we’re getting?