Sucker Punch Has Revealed That Ghost of Tsushima’s Multiplayer Was Always Part of the Plan

Sucker Punch Productions had plans to add multiplayer to Ghost of Tsushima right from the start. That’s according to Legends lead Daren Bridges, who told Press Start Australia that the team always wanted to add a co-op mode as part of the game’s core experience.

From the very first pitch when we were talking we knew that we wanted to have a big, cooperative multiplayer element and we wanted that to be part of the core experience and a pillar of the game Coming to Legends, there’s a lot of stuff that in a single player game, especially an open world game, and especially a very story focused game is harder to adapt to a co-op experience. And so we found this nice marriage. All the missions in Legends are kind of stories told by a storyteller, kind of like the mythic missions in Tsushima. They’re all told by a storyteller and it’s his kind of take on events that have happened, the Mongol invasion, the repelling the Jin and that and ghost repelling this overwhelming force. So it felt like that was a really cool mix up that would allow us to connect it to Jin’s story, but also give us the freedom to really focus on the co op gameplay elements that we wanted to hit.

Elsewhere in the interview, Creative Director Nate Fox talked about Ghost of Tsushima‘s future, and said that the team will analyze feedback from players and peruse their response to Legends in order to decide their next course of action.

[Source: Press Start AU]