Yes, the PS5 Only has 667.2GB of Usable Storage on its SSD

Now that review embargoes have lifted, we can confirm that the internal PS5 SSD storage capacity is capped at 667.2GB. This was previously rumored in leaked pictures of the PS5 menu, but has now been confirmed with PS5s in the hands of influencers and press. Originally, the inclusion of the SSD was expected to reduce game file sizes thanks to not having to duplicate assets (a tactic used to improve load times on standard disk-based drives), but reported file sizes for PS5 games still put a lot of them between 50-100GB, with Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War clocking in at 133GB for the full install.

11GB is also taken up immediately at launch by Astro’s Playroom, the pre-installed platformer that provides a comprehensive demonstration of the DualSense controller’s features. It can be deleted if you need the extra space (as well as redownloaded from the PlayStation Store at any time).

PS5 SSD storage expansion options won’t be enabled on launch day, with Sony saying it is “reserved for a future update.” The console does include an M.2 SSD storage expansion bay that will accept third-party SSD sticks, but Sony still needs to release the update to make them function and release a list of compatible models that can keep up with the speeds required by the PS5’s custom SSD controller. These expansion options will also likely be pricey.

It’s also been confirmed that you can’t use an external drive as cold storage for PS5 games that you aren’t playing. Instead of being able to shuffle these games around to conserve the limited storage space, you’ll have to delete and redownload.

PS4 games, at least, can be stored and played from an external drive, freeing up precious SSD space for those PS5 games. Given average game sizes of launch titles, you should be able to get about 10-20 PS5 games loaded up on the SSD before you start needing additional space. Hopefully by that time, Sony will have an update on when we can expect PS5 SSD storage expansion options to become available.

How quickly do you think you’ll use up the 667.2GB of available PS5 SSD storage space? Are you content with the smaller storage space to keep the overall cost of the console down? Let us know in the comments and continue to follow PSLS for our early PS5 coverage.